FORGE Presence at the CI-FIRE Industry Workshop

The CI-FIRE industry workshop held at the end of June sought to connect FIRE facilities with industry, providing a new sustainability route for FIRE facilities. The event was held at UPMC premises in the heart of Paris and contained a mixture of speakers representing FIRE and small and large industries. The event began with an opening from Nikolaos Isaris, Deputy Head of the FIRE Unit, and then was followed by presentations from the coordinators of the: FanTaaStic, BonFIRE, CI FIRE and FUSION projects. Representatives from a number of SMEs and also Stefano de Panfilis, Chief Innovation Officer from Engineering also gave presentations.

FORGE had a significant presence at the workshop. The organisers included both Serge Fdida and Susanna Avessta of UPMC. Also Serge gave a presentation on ‘An Internet of Testbeds’ and John Domingue presented the current FORGE results including the latest version of our iBook. John also took part in the closing panel ‘Where do we go from here?’.

All in all, it was a good day with a lot of interesting discussions related to FIRE sustainability and SMEs. From a FORGE point of view we presented two ways in which this project can stimulate FIRE sustainability. Firstly, FORGE results can aid in selling FIRE to wider communities, in particular, in packaging up FIRE into an easily understandable value-adding product. Secondly, FORGE can lead the way in connecting FIRE with the educational market. Watch this space for follow-ups to this highly interesting event.